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Czech Political Prisoners: Recovering Face is the story of men and women who survived Czechoslovakian concentration camps under the Communist regime.
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The purpose of this story is to expose individual and communal experience, subjectivity, and consciousness hidden in the ruins of memory of Socialism in Czechoslovakia. Lexington Books.


In Central Eastern Europe her research is focused on political life, aging, migration, minorities, language, visual culture and ecology. In the United States she practices applied anthropology of urban life focused on housing, education, health, migration, environment and public art in Baltimore City.

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Her background in cultural anthropology and the visual arts has shaped her multidisciplinary perspective on the social sciences and humanities. Acknowledgments Foreword Part I. An in-depth, analytically rich, and emotionally moving account of the lives of Czech political prisoners, this book makes a rare contribution to post-socialist studies.

Czech Political Prisoners

Rehak's examination of how political oppression and recovery reshape subjectivity speaks to some key issues in contemporary scholarship on political violence, history, and memory. The author's personal remarks and compassion for victims—the political prisoners that she interviewed over the years—make this book the most knowledgeable and passionate read.

Story of political prisoners in Czechoslovakia

In this work, Rehak manages to weave the theories of heavy-hitters like Gorgio Agamben, Michal Taussig, and Alan Feldman into elements from Mukl narratives in a way that both elucidates their experiences and lends depth and clarity to complex concepts. Several themes introduced by Rehak would have benefitted from further development.

The author presents descriptions of interrogation as de-feminizing and hyper-sexualizing, but an analysis that is more detailed would shed more light on these intriguing phenomena. While her approach to theory could make this work accessible to advanced undergraduate students, her organizational approach decentralizes information about political and social circumstances of the s in a way that may make it difficult for a novice to follow. This makes the work less accessible to general readers and more geared toward an expert audience.

Anthropologists of politics, law, conflict, and post-socialism will find this ethnography to be a thought-provoking, empathetic, and poignant contribution to scholarship on political prisoners, suffering, and identity. Related Papers.

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By Jana H Kopelent Rehak. Moral Childhood in Socialist Czechoslovakia.

By Lena Meari. By Erwin Nuijten.

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  7. Description : Czech Political Prisoners is about the legacy of political violence under socialism in the heart of Eastern Europe. In light of reconciliation in post-socialist Czech Republic, former political prisoners' various memories reveal how the notions of time, space, and law were altered under the long-term terror of a totalitarian regime. Claiming their lost social face, political prisoners reveal their redefined. Related Wiring Diagrams.